January 1, 2012

Most Twitter Followers

June 6, 2011

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So get the most Twitter Followers the safe way

 Most Twitter Followers

Getting the Most twitter followers was easy with all the automated tools going around. But as of last March twitter got a little more serous about not using automation, to build your followers list.

Now!  Trying to out do the other guys in getting the most Twitter Follow, isn't going to be so easy anymore.

Twitter suspended about 300,000 accounts on march 26, mostly do to people building large follower list with automated software.

There are some other reason they got suspended too! but many where for the use of automated software.

Everybody thinks Twitter is the bad guy, when they get suspend, But they tell you the rules straight up front, if you bother to read them. Most people stop read it after the first couple of paragraphs, I know I do many of times.

Have the most Twitter Followers is kind a like a big game among the Marketers, It's like bragging rights, you might say. Look how many followers I got. I'm big time now I got 20,000 follower or 50,000 followers. And what's even better everyone can see it, because it was right there in front of you on the screen.

So that be said many of them where out to build every large Twitter Follower list. It's kind a like a young lady get a nice, big, sparkly, Diamond ring and wanting to show it off. Getting the most Twitter Followers made you feel like somebody.

At least till they all got caught that is, Come guys, get real here. If you got software that builds your list, what makes you think Twitter does have software to check and see how your building you list.

It's not rocket science, All they need to do is watch to see how fast your followers list is growing. If you go form 0 to 20,000 followers in 90 days It's pretty obvious. your not personally enter acting with your list. You have to set there for hours each and everyday.

I mean, it would take you to find over 222 people a day, for 90 days, to build a list of 20,000 followers. I don't think you could pay me to set there that long and just find Twitter Followers, to follow. Let's just say you did, you would have to find 30 people an hour and it would take you 7 hours and 40 min each day to do that. For 90 days.

Heck you would have time to do anything else.

Now you know the secret that's how they're catching you and that's why your not going to have the most followers anymore.

Twitter was built on interaction when they started and that's what makes Twitter, Twitter. And really, if you going to have a profitable followers list. you need that interaction.

It helps you to build a relationship with your followers. After a while they come to know you and start to trust you. they start to figure out that you know what you are talking about and start to look up to you. when this happens you can start to mention products that they can use.

Now you starting to make some money, because you have taken the time to find targeted followers. Ones you interacted with along the the way and they know and trust you.

I know you saying man that's going to take a long time to build a list of 20,000 followers manually. well your right it will.

But not all hopes lost, there still something that can help you out some. It well take some of the work out of it.

It's called Follow Finder.

Now! Hold you horses you saying, I thought you couldn't use automation to help you build your  Twitter Followers list.

Well, your really not, with Follow Finder you still have to manually click on the followers to add them to you list.

What can Follow Find do for you, It helps you to find target and qualified Twitter Followers. This are the Twitter Followers that you really want to follow and have follow you back. These are the Twitter Followers that are going to make you money.

And that's what your there for any way, right.

I'd take 10,000 target followers any day over, 20,000 non qualified followers just pick and random.

Here lets take a little test ride and watch the video below. So you can see what Follow Finder can do for you.

Play it Safe

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So get the most Twitter Followers the safe way


If you pass this up, don't say I did warn you. If you lose your account trying to build you list with that other stuff!

Follower Finder

Is the safe and long lasting way to build you list

Targeted, Quality, Twitter Followers

So get the most Twitter Followers and keep them.

Having the most twitter followers

June 18, 2011

banner 4twitter2 Having the most twitter followers

Having the most twitter followers, does it really make a difference? Yes and no.

Don't get me wrong here have a big twitter list is nice. But what good is it if they interested in dog sledging and your selling cook books.

See what I mean, you just wasting your time and theirs trying to sell cook books to a bunch of people how could care less.

See this is where Follower finder shines, you can find better targeted people to follow in hopes they follow you back to generate more sales.

By using keywords to find those people that are talking about what you're selling, you can click on them and follow them and you now have the chance to join in and build a relationship first.

Then you can go into the sells process to generate more sell because you where able to establish yourself first. Now not only are you building a follower list but a twitter follower list with a better than average chance of making sells.

I believe in a short time you'll see the difference if you use the program in the correct way. To pick twitter followers that are truly interested in what you have to offer.

Watch the video to see now easy you can find and select people who have the same interest.

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Who Has The Most twitter Followers

June 9, 2011

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